Women’s Open Mat

Bi-Weekly! Every other Sunday from 10:30 AM – 12 PM

Are you a woman that has been curious about Jiu Jitsu but have been too intimidated to try it out because its a largely male sport? Or maybe the MMA gyms that you’ve looked into haven’t felt welcoming or even safe. Perhaps you aren’t sure how it will be to be grappling with people that you don’t know, especially males. Or maybe you are an experienced jiujiteira who is looking for a new place to train. Either way Kaijin MMA is the place for you. Kaijin MMA takes a great deal of pride in providing a space where women can practice jiu jitsu comfortably and safely and has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding harassment of any kind.

If you are curious but not ready to join a mixed class we offer a woman only open mat. This will give you an amazing opportunity to not only get on the mat but learn and practice techniques with other women. Its fun, comfortable and is a really powerful experience. There is something amazing about women coming together to lift each other up in health, wellness and self defense. Our goal is to get as many women training as possible. When women feel strong, capable and empowered anything is possible. Let us be your partner in that.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing you on the mats! OSS.