Useful Info

What to Expect Your First Day

You can try out any class we offer before you sign up and we encourage you to try all that interest you! Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can sign a waiver. Wear loose-fitting clothing that you can move in without restriction (sweatpants, athletic or board shorts, Tshirt).

During class, you’ll be stretching, participating in movement drills, and practicing techniques under the supervision of a coach. During sparring, you’ll be paired up with a coach who will describe the training techniques as they happen.

10 Tips for new Jiu Jitsu students

Uniforms & Gear

Youth and adult uniform requirements for each class are listed below. All students are encouraged to wear slip-on shoes or sandals to the gym to make entering the mat easier as no bare feet are allowed on any surface other than the mat.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students wear a jiu jitsu gi and a jiu jitsu belt. Female students are required to wear a tank top or Tshirt under their gi. Students who compete need to have at least one Kaijin patch sewn on their gi. Patches can be purchased from the gym. Wrestling headgear is optional.

Nogi/American Jiu Jitsu students wear loose fitting shorts, board shorts, gi pants, or grappling tights and a Tshirt or rash guard. Wrestling headgear is optional.

Hygiene and Etiquette


Kaijin enforces hygiene guidelines to maintain a safe and healthy training environment for all members. Skin infections may spread quickly and we thank you for doing your part to maintain a healthy training space. Coaches are happy to answer questions and to provide additional guidance at any time. 

Before You Leave Home
Trim fingernails and toenails.
Tie long hair back.
Remove all makeup and jewelry.

At Kaijin
Wear shoes anytime you are not on the mat. 
Pack your dirty uniform in a washable bag.
You may watch but are not allowed to participate in classes if you have a skin infection. 

Upon Return to Home
Wash your uniform, belt, and training equipment immediately or place it in a separate laundry container until it can be cleaned.


Kaijin is one of the most laid-back martial arts gyms you’ll find! We provide high-quality instruction in a relaxed atmosphere in a supportive environment. A quick internet search will return many pages with good advice for proper gym etiquette. General guidelines for Kaijin are listed below. Please ask your coach if you have a specific question.

No shoes, food or drink on the mat! Pick up your empty water bottles after training.

Silence your cell phone.

Submissions during sparring are encouraged, applied carefully and with control. Specific techniques aren’t illegal, but hurting and/or injuring our training partners Is. 

Politely decline a sparring round if you do not wish to spar.

Quietly enter the mat space if you are late for class.