The kickboxing class at Kaijin is a mix of several disciplines. Kaijin fighters compete with great success in many different styles and organizations—Muay Thai, knockdown, kickboxing, full-contact karate, kudo, Western boxing, MMA. The kickboxing at Kaijin pulls primarily from Japanese full contact and knockdown karate (Ashihara and Kyokushin) and Thai Kickboxing (Muay Thai). Instructors with extensive competitive experience in an array of styles and lengthy teaching backgrounds teach the classes.

The community in the Kaijin kickboxing class is close and supportive. We travel to each other’s fights, get together outside of class, and help each other train for upcoming fights. The Kaijin kickboxing class boasts world-class skills in a tight knit atmosphere that is perfect for everyone ranging from the hardcore competitor to the martial artist to the beginner to the person just looking to train hard.