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Domonique Speight

Domonique Speight began training at Kaijin under kickboxing instructor Sam Radetsky shortly after high school. Once the introductory class was finished he was hooked. For the past four years, kickboxing has been a focal point of his life. His passion lies in the complexity of the art, the slow grind of self improvement, and the joy of sharing his knowledge and experience with others. This enthusiasm has seen him victorious in bouts on both a local and national level, and multiple knockdown karate tournaments, including the World Oyama Full Contact Invitational, where he won the heavyweight division as 190 pound brown belt. He places great importance in proper progression within himself and his training partners, repetition of basic movements, sound technique, and attention to detail. Dom is highly regarded as a group teacher, private instructor, tournament coach, training partner for competitive fighters, and as a fighter himself.