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Sean & Heidi

Both Sean and Heidi Lang began training in Judo at an early age. By the time she was sixteen, Heidi placed in her first Senior National Championship, earned her black belt, and knew that she wanted to continue to develop her Judo technique. She moved to San Jose to join the SJSU Judo Team in 2001. Sean did a combination of Judo and wrestling through high school before moving to San Jose in 2002 to pursue his own Judo career with the SJSU Judo Team. As members of the San Jose State University Judo team, Sean and Heidi Lang were coached by some of the best Judo athletes in the world. In 2004, both Sean and Heidi won individual collegiate national titles and Heidi competed in the 2004 Olympic Trials. Currently they teach a weekly Judo class at Kaijin, where they are eager to share the martial art that has been a big part of their lives.