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Sam Radetsky

Martial arts have been the center of Sam Radetsky’s life for over 25 years. He has extensively trained and holds black belt rankings in both knockdown and Okinawan karate and traditional Japanese martial arts and weaponry, as well as training in many other martial arts, including Muay Thai, Tai Chi, and Brazilian ju-jutsu. He has been lucky to study in-depth with some of the greatest masters, fighters, and teachers in the world, including being a live-in student at the Ashihara Karate world headquarters in Shikoku, Japan, and a personal student of Toyoshima Masayuki in Tokyo for over 5 years. As a fighter, Sam has competed in a variety of styles, tournaments, and matches. He fought in several All-Japans–both bare hand and with weapons, and fought two no-holds-barred challenge matches. In his over 15 years of teaching martial arts, Sam has produced numerous successful fighters, taught in Brazil, and introduced people to a life-long love of the martial arts.