Our Kaijin family enjoyed a good bit of news these past few days! First off, seven of our students recently competed in Alameda’s 16th annual Jiu Jitsu by the Bay competition. We saw plenty of Kaijin patches on the podium; Denise Henry and I won gold, Matthew Lombard and Isabella Edge achieved silver, and Ryan Turner and Sam Radetsky took bronze. Dion served as coach to all, darting between matches to remind us to posture and keep our heads up (Thanks Dion!). Whether you’re a first-time competitor looking to get your bearings or a seasoned veteran searching for a small-scale competition, please consider joining us there next year. Check out the pictures below to see Kaijin in action.

Second bit of news: A very deserving Matthew Lombard graduated from white to blue last night. Matt is a familiar face in the gym, always a friendly sparring partner and has even studied in Brazil! Congratulations and keep up the great work, Matt.

Remaining on the theme of competition– Luke Pollard is traveling to Irvine this week to compete in the Pan IBJJF Championship. Parents know Luke as a coach in the kids class, and if you’ve ever rolled with him, you’ve surely recognized his status as a serious competitor. Please wish him lots of luck this week, and if you’d like to cheer him on live, check out a pay-per-view feed of the competition at ibjjf.tv.

Finally, please note that we have a schedule change. The Monday noon judo class is now a jiu jitsu class. You can still catch dedicated judo lessons on Saturdays at 10:30AM. Our beloved Judo instructor Sean Lang will now serve as a surprise instructor to BJJ classes, so everyone can expect to work on their standup game in the coming weeks.