We’ve got two big events for Kaijin this week. First up, we're debuting our first Pleasure Point class tonight at CrossFit Amundson (3603 Portola Drive). If you’ve ever wanted to get choked out, then walk a few steps to squat yourself into oblivion, then now is your time. Drop in tonight to support Garth when he begins teaching the adult BJJ class at 7pm. Check back here for an inaugural post.

Second bit of news: competitions are coming! Jiu Jitsu by the Bay takes place this Saturday at Alameda high school (2201 Encinal Ave). Come support your Kaijin teammates: Denise Henry, Sam Radetsky, Jason Hawk, Nik Williams, Richard McGrail, Isa Edge, and yours truly. And if you’re hungry for more, don’t forget that Kaijin is hosting our own competition in late April. Be there!

Let’s wish our competitors all the best luck as they begin polishing up their maneuvers and channeling their inner Ronda Rousey. Go Kaijin!