UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre once threw a punch with over 2800 pounds of force. That’s 1000 pounds greater than the bite force of an adult female hippo! But even the newest fighter in the gym is made of the same stuff as St-Pierre; everyone’s hands are made of the same 27 fragile bones.

That’s why punching with proper technique is so important, says coach Sam Radetsky. “Focus the punch on the first two knuckles to form a line straight down the humerus,” Sam explained while demonstrating a straight punch during yesterday’s 10:30AM kickboxing class. “My training focuses the first two knuckles as they align best with the wrist, forearm, arm, and the rest of the body.” By streamlining the punch, he explained, fighters have a better chance of avoiding boxers break: a fracture of the fifth metacarpal (the long bone that connects the pinky knuckle to the wrist).

Check out the attached photos to see Sam and his students doing their thing!